Qualified Hybrid Mechanics Make All the Difference

Our Qualified Technicians Will Keep Your Hybrid On the Road Longer

Hybrid vehicles have quickly become the mainstay of discerning car buyers across the United States. Thanks to their fuel efficiency and reliability, they are just as friendly to shoppers’ wallets as they are to the environment. As with any new technology, there are hurdles to overcome when repairing and maintaining these vehicles. When it comes to hybrid repair, it’s much safer to choose a qualified garage like Kirkwood Auto Center in Wilmington to ensure your vehicle gets the attention it deserves.

Hybrid Basics

The key to maintaining and repairing hybrid vehicles is understanding how it all works. These cars and trucks are hybrids because they rely on two forms of fuel: gasoline and electricity. Like conventional internal combustion engines, hybrids store their gas in a tank and electricity in a battery. The differences arise when you consider how much these vehicles rely on their batteries and the limitations of battery technology. Hybrids use a complex system to determine when to run on gas or electric, switching on the fly. Braking generates power and stores it in a high-capacity battery that can be dangerous if not handled properly. Essentially, working on a hybrid vehicle can be quite a change from conventional maintenance.

In the Details

An excellent garage will provide you with not only repairs but standard maintenance services as well. Working on a hybrid car or truck means knowing the differences between these vehicles and those using only gasoline or diesel.

  • Hybrid systems generally don’t require as much maintenance as the internal combustion components.
  • Since hybrids and conventional cars use many of the same components, they require very similar maintenance. However, since the electrical system takes much of the load off of the internal combustion engine, the vehicle needs to be serviced much less often.
  • The high-capacity battery can be dangerous if the mechanic doesn’t have the know-how to work with the electrical system, which can damage your vehicle and even put the technician in danger.

A mechanic who doesn’t understand these differences may suggest oil and brake changes too frequently, or attempt to sell you services that your vehicle doesn’t need. When looking for a garage to work on your hybrid vehicle, choose ASE certified technicians like those at Kirkwood Auto Center, and you won’t be disappointed!


Hybrid Repair