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You encounter a variety of challenges when you’re driving — traffic, bad drivers, poor weather conditions, and more. With all the challenges you face, the last thing that should be giving you problems is your vehicle. Through all the issues, your vehicle should be rock-steady, and it’s difficult when you have to fight an issue like misalignment. If your vehicle starts swaying or rumbling, don’t fight it. Instead, fix it by visiting Kirkwood Auto Center in Wilmington, DE. Our ASE Certified technicians and service professionals have the resources your vehicle needs to regain proper alignment. Backed by our 2 Year / 24,000 Mile warranty, we’ll provide you with the services you need so you can rely on your vehicle once more!

Suffering From Misalignment?

Driving a vehicle with misalignment issues not only is dangerous but can also cause additional damage to your vehicle. To avoid that, It’s important to understand the signs of misalignment. Understanding some signs will help inform you for when you need to bring your vehicle into our shop. Don’t know what to look for? Kirkwood Auto Center is here to help you. Here are some easy signs of misalignment that you should be wary of!

Uneven Tire Wear

Uneven tire wear is a clear sign of wheel misalignment and is easy to pinpoint. When looking at your tires, you want to look at it in two sets — the front and back. If the front set of tires have the same wear patterns as the back, then the wheels are aligned. If not, you’re probably dealing with misalignment.

Pulling or Vibrating

Pulling is when your vehicle drifts one way or the other without direction from you. If you notice pulling or vibrating, that is a clear sign of wheel misalignment. You can test for pulling by going into an empty parking lot and, while slowly driving, letting go of your steering wheel. If it starts drifting one way or the other, you’re dealing with pulling. As for vibrations, you’ll typically feel this on your steering wheel. This is a result of your wheels pulling in opposite directions of each other. Both of these can be due to a misalignment or an underinflated tire, so make sure you check your tire’s PSI when determining the problem!

Visit Our Shop!

Wheel misalignment can ruin the quality and safety of your drive. You shouldn’t have to fight your vehicle when on the road. Instead, work with it by visiting the wheel alignment professionals in Wilmington, DE — Kirkwood Auto Center. Our experienced ASE Certified technicians and service professionals will work with you to ensure your vehicle is driving smoothly on the road. Know that when you’re with our automotive team, you and your vehicle are in good hands. Give us a call and schedule your wheel alignment service today! Need prompt same-day service? Don’t worry, we accept all walk-in customers!* Visit our shop at 4913 Kirkwood Auto Highway, we’re right next to Oakwood Valley Club! We’ll have you and your vehicle ready for the road!

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