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Driving with a check engine light can be stressful. What exactly is going on with your vehicle? Is it about to break down? At Kirkwood Auto Center in Wilmington, DE, we hear your questions and understand your concerns. We’re here to help. Our ASE Certified technicians and service professionals use top-shelf repair & diagnostic tools and service techniques to diagnose and fix the problems with your vehicle. From a bad spark plug to a failing O2 sensor, we handle any issue you may encounter and we back that claim with an industry best 2 Years / 24,000 Mile warranty! At our shop, we have you covered.

How To Handle It

If the check engine light comes in, it’s important to understand what it’s telling you. Sure, you won’t know the exact problem but there are subtle things the light does that will give you some idea of what’s going on. Don’t panic if you don’t know what to look for, as the Kirkwood team is here to help. Here’s what you need to do when the check engine light first comes on.

Inspect Its Status

When the check engine light is triggered, you first want to examine how it’s shining. There are two types — steady and blinking. If the light is steady, that means there is a minor problem with your vehicle. Although you’re fine for now, you’ll need to have your vehicle serviced soon. If the light is blinking, you need to have your vehicle serviced immediately. This means something is severely wrong with your vehicle and continuing to drive could cause a lot of damage.

Check The Gas Cap

If the warning light is steady, the first thing you want to check for is the gas cap. Although it can be a little silly, this is the ideal situation if your check engine light is on. Before your next drive, make sure you tighten or replace the gas cap! Many auto parts stores sell them for cheap, just make sure you select the right one for your vehicle. Once the cap is tightened or replaced, the vehicle’s computer system will need a few miles to register the change. If the light shuts off, you’re good to go! If not, there may be another problem with your vehicle and you’ll need to visit our shop to properly diagnose it.

We’ll Fix The Problem!

Although the check engine light will inform you of a problem, it won’t provide you with the clear answers you need. Gain some clarity from this warning signal by visiting the engine light experts at Kirkwood Auto Center in Wilmington, DE. Our ASE Certified technicians use state-of-the-art repair & diagnostic equipment to provide you with the answers and solutions your vehicle needs. We’ll quickly decipher the light and have you on your way in no time! Give us a call at 302-995-6179 and schedule your engine light diagnostics today! Need prompt same-day service? Don’t worry, we accept all walk-in customers!* Visit our shop at 4913 Kirkwood Auto Highway, we’re right next to Oakwood Valley Club! We’ll have you and your vehicle ready for the road!

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