Signs you need wheel alignment

Times have changed, and so have transportation and expectations for our vehicles. Think back to the Sock Hop dances of the 1950’s. Held in school gyms where street shoes weren’t allowed, young people abandoned their shoes and danced in their socks. Today, the music has changed, the dances have been updated, and we keep our

Is A Bad Wheel Alignment Dangerous?

A Proper Wheel Alignment Will Keep Your Vehicle In The Right Lane Your wheels are precisely aligned to keep your car moving forward and encourage even wear. While bad wheel alignment may not seem like an emergency, it’s important to address this issue promptly. Find out how improper alignment can affect your vehicle and where

Qualified Hybrid Mechanics Make All the Difference

Our Qualified Technicians Will Keep Your Hybrid On the Road Longer Hybrid vehicles have quickly become the mainstay of discerning car buyers across the United States. Thanks to their fuel efficiency and reliability, they are just as friendly to shoppers’ wallets as they are to the environment. As with any new technology, there are hurdles

Does Your Vehicle Need Exhaust Repair?

How to Tell Your car’s exhaust system is responsible for ensuring your engine works properly and that you get from Point A to Point B. It also keeps you and your passengers safe by pulling dangerous fumes away from the car as you drive. If you suspect that your engine is overworking itself, it could

How You Can Handle The Check Engine Light

What to Look For Few things can ruin a pleasant drive quicker than the check engine light. That comfortable, relaxing drive can quickly transition into panic and stress once the light is triggered. But at Kirkwood Auto Center, we think the check engine light is misunderstood. The light actually provides you with a decent amount