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When you shift gears, it should be a smooth and seamless transition, regardless if you own an automatic or manual vehicle. Nothing is more concerning than feeling a hitch or hearing a strange sound when shifting gears. That’s a clear sign something is going wrong with your transmission, and the best course of action is for you visit Kirkwood Auto Center in Wilmington, DE. You’ll work with our service advisors to create a customized service plan that will save you money and have your transmission performing at its best. Once approved, our experienced ASE Certified technicians use the latest tools, components, and service techniques required to perform your plan with precision and accuracy. We stand behind all of our work with our popular 2 Year / 24,000 Mile warranty, so know you’ll be receiving quality care inside and out of our facility!

Is Your Transmission Failing?

For your transmission to maintain a high level of performance, it needs to be consistently serviced. By following a routine maintenance schedule, our technicians can track the condition of your vehicle’s transmission and understand when it needs auto care. Although you should leave repair or maintenance services to us, it’s still important for you to understand the signs of wear-and-tear or failure. By using this information, you’ll be able to avoid a nasty breakdown and an expensive repair bill!

Warning Light

This will be the ideal scenario, as it is the easiest warning signal to decipher. Most modern vehicles come equipped with a variety of different warning signals, which includes the transmission temperature light. This light is triggered when the transmission fluid is above its normal temperature. This causes the transmission to operate at a higher temperature, which will lead to future problems. Although you can check the engine coolant and transmission fluid level, it’s still important you visit our shop as soon as possible.

Strange Movement

Anytime you shift gears, it should be a smooth and seamless transition. If you notice a hitch, hesitation, or lack of acceleration after you’ve shifted gears, that is a sign of transmission trouble. For manual vehicles, this is noticeable anytime you shift gears. For an automatic vehicle, you’ll notice this when you shift to “Park” or “Drive.” Don’t ignore these issues, as it is dangerous to drive with and can cause additional problems.

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Your transmission plays a vital role in the performance of your vehicle and the quality of your drive. If issues start to occur, don’t ignore the signs. Instead, take action and visit the transmission repair specialists in Wilmington, DE — Kirkwood Auto Center. Our ASE Certified technicians and service professionals will design a customized service plan that will have your transmission functioning smoothly while saving you money. When you visit us, know that you’re visiting the best auto professionals in New Castle County. Give us a call and schedule your transmission care service today! Need prompt same-day service? Don’t worry, we accept all walk-in customers!* Visit our shop at 4913 Kirkwood Auto Highway, we’re right next to Oakwood Valley Club! We’ll have you and your vehicle ready for the road!

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