Get Ready for Back to School!

Get Ready for Back to School! 
Establish a Routine and Set Goals 
Having a solid routine helps both virtual and in-person learners stay organized and on track. Establishing a routine also sets expectations that make it easier to complete tasks efficiently. Routines can include designated times for studying, doing homework, chores, extracurricular activities and family time. Setting goals can be part of the routine as well; these goals should be realistic yet challenging enough that your child can find satisfaction in reaching them. 
Stay Connected with Teachers and Schoolmates 
Whether your child is attending class online or in person, staying connected with teachers and classmates is essential for their success in school. Make sure to keep up with their classes via email or through the school’s website so you can stay informed about any changes or updates. Encourage your child to interact with their peers through group projects or online chats if they are learning remotely, as socializing is an important part of learning. 
Take Breaks When Needed 
Learning takes up a lot of mental energy! Make sure your child takes breaks throughout their day so they don't become overwhelmed by all the information they're taking in. Taking regular breaks allows students to step away from their work and reset, which can increase focus when they return to it later on. Encourage them to enjoy some fresh air during those breaks—it's always beneficial after spending hours indoors studying! 
Back to school season can be stressful but also exciting—and it doesn't have to be daunting! By creating a comfortable atmosphere at home, establishing a routine together as a family, staying connected with teachers and peers, and allowing yourself (and your children) plenty of breaks throughout the day, you will be giving your kids the best chance possible at having an efficient and successful school year ahead of them! Good luck this semester!