How You Can Handle The Check Engine Light

What to Look For

Few things can ruin a pleasant drive quicker than the check engine light. That comfortable, relaxing drive can quickly transition into panic and stress once the light is triggered. But at Kirkwood Auto Center, we think the check engine light is misunderstood. The light actually provides you with a decent amount of information so you’ll know what to do next, as long as you know how to read it.

Do you see the check engine light in your vehicle? Are you unsure of what to do next? We’re here to help with just that, as we’ll show what you need to look for whenever you see this warning light!

Is The Light Steady or Flashing?

When you see the check engine light, first pay attention to how it’s lighted. Is the light steady, or is it flashing? By understanding this, you’ll quickly know what you need to do next.

If you see the light steady, that means there is a small problem going on in your vehicle. Technically, your vehicle is fine for the time being, but it’s still essential that you take it in for service at your earliest convenience, or you could risk the issue getting worse. If the light is flashing, that indicates a significant problem is going on within your vehicle, and you need to stop driving it immediately. At this point, you need to bring your vehicle in for service as soon as possible. Depending on the severity of the problem, your vehicle’s engine may even go into limp mode to help protect it from permanent damage!

Check The Gas Cap

If the engine light is steady, the next thing you should do is check the gas cap. A loose gas cap is a common cause for the check engine light to turn on, and it’s also a straightforward problem to fix. Before your next drive, make sure you tighten or replace the gas cap. Once that action is done, drive a few miles and pay attention to how the warning light responds. If it shuts off, you are good to go, and you have found the culprit! If it’s still on, something else is going on in your vehicle, and at this point, it’s best to schedule a diagnostics service.

If you have a check engine light and you’re looking for some answers, schedule a diagnostic service with Kirkwood Auto Center in Wilmington, Delaware. We’ll be able to quickly identify and fix whatever may have triggered the warning light!