Is A Bad Wheel Alignment Dangerous?

A Proper Wheel Alignment Will Keep Your Vehicle In The Right Lane

Your wheels are precisely aligned to keep your car moving forward and encourage even wear. While bad wheel alignment may not seem like an emergency, it’s important to address this issue promptly. Find out how improper alignment can affect your vehicle and where to go in Wilmington, Delaware, for professional alignment service.

Dangers of Bad Wheel Alignment

Several issues can arise when you continue to drive with a bad wheel alignment. Here are just a few effects that you can expect if you don’t promptly restore proper alignment:

  • Uneven tire wear
  • Additional suspension stress
  • Difficulty steering
  • Reduced fuel economy

Because one or more of your tires are misaligned, they will begin to wear unevenly. This can cause your tires to wear out quickly, which costs you more in wheel replacement and maintenance. Similarly, your suspension system receives uneven stress, which causes your shocks and other suspension components to wear out faster. A minor alignment issue can quickly become a major repair bill. As you pick up speed on the highway, a slight misalignment can suddenly cause your vehicle to veer in a different direction. Don’t let a minor issue cause you to lose control of your vehicle when driving at high speeds, but take care of this maintenance issue quickly to stay safe on the road.

Causes of Improper Alignment

To avoid breaking or bending support and suspension systems, your wheels are designed to alter their alignment in extreme situations. A sudden jolt from a pothole, curb, or other collision can knock your wheels out of alignment. If your car seems to pull sideways and has difficulties remaining on a straight course, you may have one or more wheels that are out of alignment. A small misalignment can cause major issues down the road, so find out how you can restore your alignment.

Restore Your Alignment Today

From minor misalignment to major car issues, stop by Kirkwood Auto & Tire Center today in Wilmington, Delaware. Schedule a service to discover affordable rates from quality mechanics in your area. Enjoy proper wheel alignment of your wheels today and prevent uneven wear, suspension issues, and other dangers while you drive.


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