Signs you need wheel alignment

Times have changed, and so have transportation and expectations for our vehicles. Think back to the Sock Hop dances of the 1950’s. Held in school gyms where street shoes weren’t allowed, young people abandoned their shoes and danced in their socks. Today, the music has changed, the dances have been updated, and we keep our shoes on in public. When you think about it, transportation bears a striking similarity. Updated designs and technology mean that we expect a smoother ride from our cars than we did all those years ago, and we better understand the protective value of keeping on our “shoes,” a sufficient amount of tire tread. These shifts create the need for ensuring proper wheel alignment. While the Sock Hop was great fun decades ago, it’s not cool when your car is a “bad dancer.” Instead of letting your car do an outdated dance, bring it to Kirkwood Auto Center in Wilmington, Delaware.

Signs Pointing to the Need for Wheel Alignment

If something isn’t right with your vehicle, it isn’t an outdated dance or music of days gone by. It may be your car telling you that it needs a wheel alignment. While you should let our certified technicians check your auto with professional equipment, there are some signs you may notice that indicate the possibility of improper alignment. If the vehicle pulls to one side when you’re driving straight ahead, for instance, it probably needs an alignment. Another indicator is a steering wheel that isn’t straight or won’t return to center. Also, if your tires are wearing unevenly–more in some spots than others–you definitely need an alignment check. Finally, squealing tires may point to this same issue. These problems won’t resolve themselves, so you need to have them addressed at a qualified repair shop. If you don’t correct misaligned wheels, you will damage your tires, potentially damage suspension system components, and perhaps even compromise your safety.

The Last Dance Partner Your Car Will Need

Although improperly aligned wheels need to be addressed in a timely manner, your auto can be repaired and further damage prevented with prompt attention. The cost of a wheel alignment is much less than the expense of other repairs that will become necessary if the issue isn’t corrected, and no dollar amount is worth compromising the safety of yourself and your passengers. At the first sign that your vehicle may need a wheel alignment, bring it to Kirkwood Auto Center in Wilmington, Delaware. We’re the last dance partner your car will ever need. Goodbye, Sock Hop! Hello, great ride!


Wheel Alignment