What You Need to Know About Key Cutting and Programming

What You Need to Know About Key Cutting and Programming

 Key cutting and programming are essential services for people who need to replace lost or damaged keys. Whether you need to program a new key for your car, cut a spare for your house, or replace an old key with a new one, it’s important to understand the basics of key cutting and programming. Read on to learn more about these essential services. 

 How Key Cutting Works 
Key cutting is the process of duplicating a key using specialized equipment. This is typically done by experienced technicians who use machines that precisely replicate keys from an existing template. These machines are designed specifically for cutting keys and have been used in locksmithing for centuries. There are two types of key cutting machines — manual and automated — and each has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. 

Manual Key Cutting Machines 
Manual key cutting machines require more skill than automated machines but offer greater precision when it comes to creating exact copies of existing keys. Manual machines are often used when making copies of antique or vintage keys, as they provide superior accuracy compared to automation methods. Additionally, manual machines can be adapted to work with different types of locks, such as car ignitions and padlocks. 

Automated Key Cutting Machines 
Automated key cutting machines are much faster than manual models, so they’re often preferred by locksmiths when creating multiple copies of the same key. Automated machines can also be programmed with specific cuts in order to create unique duplicate keys that only match certain locksets or ignition systems. This makes them ideal for creating precise copies of complicated car keys or other specialized lock systems. 

How Key Programming Works 
Key programming is the process of replacing a lost or damaged key with a new one that has been specifically programmed to work with the existing lock system or ignition system in question. This type of service is typically performed by experienced locksmiths who have access to special equipment that can reprogram new keys according to the specifications of the lock system in question. In addition, some advanced programming services may require additional coding or software updates in order for the reprogrammed key to work properly with the given lock system. 

Whether you’re looking for an exact duplicate copy of an existing key or you need a new one programmed specifically for your vehicle’s ignition system, understanding how key cutting and programming works is essential. With today’s technology, these services can be completed quickly and accurately by trained professionals who use specialized equipment designed specifically for this purpose. So if you ever find yourself needing help with either task, don’t hesitate reach out to your key professionals at Kirkwood Auto Center